Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Hawk Lord WiP 3

So, a lot more of the highlights are down now. The parcements and what not are all done bar a tiny dab of white needed maybe. The reds all need dabs of Blazing Orange, and the purple needs the second stage started.
The blues on areas such as the claws and the light, I'm going to attempt to use retarder to wet blend. Especially on the light as I want to then use gloss on it to further give the impression of glass.

The question still on my mind however is the choice of colour for the second stage of purple highlight. I haven't had the chance to mix up some test batches of Liche Purple/Bleached Bone, Liche Purple/Red and Liche Purple/Blue, yet, so I'm uncertain of the best choice.
I think the LP/BB mix might be the best, but until I get a look at the three different results, I can't be sure.

I'll not be painting tomorrow I don't think, as now I have started a Christmas temp job, and so am busy with that. But after work on Thursday and Friday, after getting home midday, I will change and pick up my painting gear and head to GW as normal.
I would like to get him finished by the weekend, as the feel for painting more Orks is starting its slow creep back.


  1. Be careful taking the parchment much higher up in highlights - you don't want to finish with a crisp white hightlight.

    It is a good idea to try some test mixes first to see how they turn out. Also, if you find they have gone too light try hitting them with a wash and see if that brings some of the colour back - I find the washes to be amazing things, but don't fall for thinking that they will save every paint job like I did.

    As an alternative to Bleached, try Kommando khaki - I am really loving this colour at the moment and have tried mixing it with all sorts of things.

    Overall it is looking really good - well done.

  2. Thanks mate. :)

    I like the idea about KK, that might be better overall really, as BB is still quite a light colour afterall.


  3. Nice. I like the base a lot.