Friday, 9 October 2009

Hawk Lord WiP 2

Here he is so far. I think all I have left to do now is the highlight work, and the drybrush work on the flock of the base.
Plus, if you look at his right knee (Our left) theres a little bit of red I need to get rid of too.

Unsure what to do on the light behind him though. I was thinking of maybe wet blending with the retarder I have, though I haven't done that for ages... mind you, that is the whole point of this like. To try my hand at skills that I haven't used for so long.

Please give me your thoughts and opinions on him so far. :)



  1. The base is much improved on the last post - the dirty look adds credence to the overall 'ruin' look. When you do the flock remembver to keep it to the outside of the buildings wall - otherwise the mini will look 'off' kilter.

    How light will you take the overall highlight - will the mini retain its dark overall look or will you brighten him up some?

  2. Rogue Pom:
    Thanks for the comments mate.
    So I should only highlight the flock on the side where that red armour plate is, and the fallen block?

    I was told that I should highlight with Liche Purple (As the purple on him already has been washed with the blue wash) And then a final, smaller highlight of Liche Purple and Bleached Bone mix.

    I think overall he'll become a lot lighter, as I also have to bring out the purity seals, the claws, the brown pouches and the wires.

  3. I hate highlighting purple, it can be difficult to make it look right. Bleached Bone will probably work, but I would suggest considering the use of blue or red to mix with the purple. These two would alter the tone towards cold (blue) or warm (red), adding a different dimension to the colour. Just an idea though. :)

    He's looking good.

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