Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Hawk Lord WiP 1

As you might be able to tell, I decided to go with Hawk Lords as the chapter of choice for this little side project, mainly because I've never painted one before, and thought it would be cool to do so.
So this is what I have so far. His body is a Death Company marine. The claws are from one of the old metal vet kits, and the jump pack is from the metal jump pack chaplain.

I need to finish the base colours, which will probably get done on Friday, before then washing him. Then I plan to build up the colours again, and then add the highlights.

I'm looking forward to getting him finished, as then I will be able to go back to the Shoota boyz with a fresh painting mind set. :)


  1. He looks funky dude. I am looking forward to seeing where he goes. =) I like the base, the check pattern adds a nice touch of colour but doesn't really distract from it. I would however suggest you damage the floor a it, when you compare it to the rest of the ruin it is a tad too clean.

  2. Hey Kuff. There are actually some bullet holes behind him that you can't see in this picture.
    Also I think when it gets the wash, that will dull it a bit more too.

    Thanks for the advice mate. ^_^

  3. It look so funky on the chess board. I like the creative thought beyond the creation here.
    dean graziosi