Sunday, 25 October 2009

Hawk Lord - Finished

Finally got him finished on the 23rd, but couldn't get access to a camera till today.

I'm quite happy with him really, apart from maybe the wet blending work on the light, I think he's okay.

I know he hasn't got a Hawk Lord chapter badge, but I didn't think my free hand skills would be up to it to be honest, so I choose not to risk it, and went with a fast attack symbol instead.

I enjoyed painting him really. It was good to get away from the orks for once!
Plus, I managed to use that base which I made about two years ago now.

So, like I said, back to Orks. I've started where I left off with those Shoota Boyz, and so I plan to work on them this week. But if I recall correctly, its Half Term week for the schools, so its likely, I'll not get a lot done, as I won't want to go to Games Workshop to paint much.


  1. Wow - the mini has really come on since the last post - your highlights are right on, the text on the scroll work adds interest...the whole model is great.

    Well done mate.

  2. Looking good dude. I like the base, adds an extra dimension to the mini. He's pretty funky dude, nice work!

  3. Great to see someone else who plays Hawk Lords, sadly, I know owe my best mate $5. Still, great work, I'm about to post up some WIP shots of some of my Hawk Lords tonight, so if your interested check out this:

  4. Like the stunts of wolverine. I like the posting and its so creative photos here.
    dean graziosi