Sunday, 9 August 2009

General: New blog = New motivation?

So, I've decided, after viewing a lot of the other wargaming type blogs out there, that I would follow suit and make one of my own in the hopes that, twinned with my Deviant Art account, this will give me a load of new motivation to finish models and armies that have been gathering dust over the many years that I've been in the hobby. (14 years and still no finished armies to my name.)

In fact, I feel I need to give credit to this guy: Lone Pilgrim
His page, as well as his model point system and new model fund ideas have given me new found inspiration.

I have also recently changed the way I view to tackle my model making workloads. As of the start of this month, I have given up gaming with unpainted models. From now on, I will only play with finish minis. This sadly brought my 2k Ork army down to 500 points, but, I think it will only be better in the long run.
Also, my new plan of attack, is to paint 500 points a go of Army A, before moving on to 500 points of Army B, before moving on to 500 points of Army C etc.
This, I hope, will allow me to focus on small, easy bite sized goals, as well as keeping my painting fresh and enjoyable.

So, a little about myself and what I currently collect.
I'm a 25 year old lad from the sunny north east of England. I currently collect Orks and Dwarfs, but have plans for two Space Marine forces and a Chaos one. I also have a Chaos and Imperial BFG fleet. I want to get into Blood Bowl and Mordhiem, as well as a number of different gaming systems.
I also have a handful of mini model projects and dioramas that I want to do.
So, aye, heres to hoping this new plan of attack will work out.

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  1. I feel your pain mate, and a few of us are in a group called 'A Tale Of More Painters' to combat this lack of progress and promote the painting of our armies! Check my blog if you are interested mate, you still have time to jump in to the Tale.

    Nice blog by the way, I hope to see more of your stuff soon,