Saturday, 22 August 2009

Blood Bowl

What an awesome game.

Alan and I played our first three games of it today, the first two without the advanced rules or the four minute timer. I took the human team, and he took control of the Orks.
I won the first 3-0, and won the 2nd 2-1.
The 2nd game had an amusing moment where one of Alans Linemen had a clear run to the End Zone, but instead, he opted to block all my team to try and 'do em in'.
This, of course, in all accordance to Sod's Law, meant that one of his blokes would knock himself out, thereby giving me chance to stop his Lineman.
Still, it was fun game.

The last game we continued to play with just the normal rules, but this time we played with the four minute turn limit, which, is not as hard as I thought it first would be.
That game was another belter too.
Alan's Orks pushed forward for an early point, but before the half was out, I managed to peg one back by stealing away with the ball, and lobbing it to a flanking Catcher.
I used the same tactic for my second goal, but I needed two sixes. One to throw, and the other to catch. And with no re-rolls left, I was surprised, but happy, when they both came up.

So a good solid game I thought, and tough fight back to win 2-1.

So, my impressions on the game of Blood Bowl?
Its awesome.
Alan and I have seemed to have picked up the basic rules well enough. I think a few more basic games will be needed though, but as long as we keep playing it, we should be able to start with the more advanced rules soon enough.
Its such a fun and enjoyable game, and I have to admit, sometimes nail biting too.

So I look forward to playing more Blood Bowl games. :D


  1. Blood bowl is a great game. Almost never played with the basic version of the rules since the additions in the advanced are only a couple of more pages.

    Once you get to the advanced rules also remember that the game is best with a league where your player advance to learn skills.

  2. eriochrome:
    Aye, we're looking at maybe getting a league done and what not. That should be even more fun like.
    But I have to say, that even with the basic rules, both myself and my mate are hooked. :D

    Thanks :)