Sunday, 25 October 2009

Hawk Lord - Finished

Finally got him finished on the 23rd, but couldn't get access to a camera till today.

I'm quite happy with him really, apart from maybe the wet blending work on the light, I think he's okay.

I know he hasn't got a Hawk Lord chapter badge, but I didn't think my free hand skills would be up to it to be honest, so I choose not to risk it, and went with a fast attack symbol instead.

I enjoyed painting him really. It was good to get away from the orks for once!
Plus, I managed to use that base which I made about two years ago now.

So, like I said, back to Orks. I've started where I left off with those Shoota Boyz, and so I plan to work on them this week. But if I recall correctly, its Half Term week for the schools, so its likely, I'll not get a lot done, as I won't want to go to Games Workshop to paint much.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Hawk Lord WiP 3

So, a lot more of the highlights are down now. The parcements and what not are all done bar a tiny dab of white needed maybe. The reds all need dabs of Blazing Orange, and the purple needs the second stage started.
The blues on areas such as the claws and the light, I'm going to attempt to use retarder to wet blend. Especially on the light as I want to then use gloss on it to further give the impression of glass.

The question still on my mind however is the choice of colour for the second stage of purple highlight. I haven't had the chance to mix up some test batches of Liche Purple/Bleached Bone, Liche Purple/Red and Liche Purple/Blue, yet, so I'm uncertain of the best choice.
I think the LP/BB mix might be the best, but until I get a look at the three different results, I can't be sure.

I'll not be painting tomorrow I don't think, as now I have started a Christmas temp job, and so am busy with that. But after work on Thursday and Friday, after getting home midday, I will change and pick up my painting gear and head to GW as normal.
I would like to get him finished by the weekend, as the feel for painting more Orks is starting its slow creep back.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Hawk Lord WiP 2

Here he is so far. I think all I have left to do now is the highlight work, and the drybrush work on the flock of the base.
Plus, if you look at his right knee (Our left) theres a little bit of red I need to get rid of too.

Unsure what to do on the light behind him though. I was thinking of maybe wet blending with the retarder I have, though I haven't done that for ages... mind you, that is the whole point of this like. To try my hand at skills that I haven't used for so long.

Please give me your thoughts and opinions on him so far. :)


Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Hawk Lord WiP 1

As you might be able to tell, I decided to go with Hawk Lords as the chapter of choice for this little side project, mainly because I've never painted one before, and thought it would be cool to do so.
So this is what I have so far. His body is a Death Company marine. The claws are from one of the old metal vet kits, and the jump pack is from the metal jump pack chaplain.

I need to finish the base colours, which will probably get done on Friday, before then washing him. Then I plan to build up the colours again, and then add the highlights.

I'm looking forward to getting him finished, as then I will be able to go back to the Shoota boyz with a fresh painting mind set. :)

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Gaming fun and possible mini project.

Spent the afternoon and evening at GW Vets night though. Played two games, one against my friend Skip and his Tau in a 1.5k Annihilation/Pitched Battle. And what a cracking game it was. He kicked off really well, and by the end of turn two he was already 6-2 up.
But eventually my ladz got into combat, and did what Orks do best.
The game went on to turn 7 though, and my Lootas only needed to kill one firewarrior to draw the game, but with only 3 saves to make, the weedy fish'ead went to ground, and saved the day, giving Skip a well deserved 11-10 win.

I'll be back in GW tomorrow to paint, but I'm unsure whether or not I should paint more shoota boyz, or change the pace a little with this little Space Marine project I want to do.

This is the general idea of what I have so far, but I'm also further unsure what chapter to do him. I can either paint him up in one of my two custom chapters, one of which has no colour scheme at the minute. Or one of the lesser own ones already kicking about the place.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Skwad Ironhed 2 of 4

I managed to finish this batch of five on Friday, but due to a busy weekend, I've not had chance to get them uploaded. Nothing special about these five like, but as you can see, this batch includes one of the two big shootaz that Skwad Ironhed normally takes to battle.

I don't know if I'll get anymore of the unit done this week, as I'm thinking about doing up a Space Marine model project. Nothing big, but something to change the pace a little, and so that I can put a bit more work into rather than just a simple paint and wash.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

ORKS: Skwad Ironhed - 1 of 4

This is the first five of Skwad Ironhed, a 20 stong Shoota Boyz unit led by Sarge Ironhed.

This batch is led by Korpral Snikka, an ex Ork Kommando who lost his hand on a mission when a stikkbomb when off too early. Luckly for him, there was a painboy back at base who was more than willing to attach the Kommando's favourite blade to the stump.
Snikka became part of Ironhed's shoota boyz, after he was injured, since the regiments Kommando units need to be fully 'fightin fit'.

I'm now working on the next batch of five, and I hope to have them done by the end of the week, since at the minute, I'm spending a fair bit of time painting in Games Workshop due to lack of job, and the fact that I find it so much easier to actually get work done there.

I'll should think that I'll be there quite a bit in the near future, as I have nothing much to do after looking for work.
I was going to be attending the Gauntlet, a 1k 40k tourney, but sadly, due to lack of funds, that won't be happening anymore.

In other news though, happy to say that my New Model Fund has increased a little due to some more penny saving. I'm now upto £32.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

General: First time fantasy player.

Well, its been a while since my last update. I guess I just haven't really been doing much to warrent one really. I had been making dwarfs so that I would have a 1k army built so that I could play my first two games this evening, and thats been about it really. So aye, like I said, not much to warrent any real updates. :(

So aye, I played my first two games of Warhammer Fantasy tonight, and I have to admit, I'm not that much more impressed with it than when I was a wee lad, first getting into the hobby back in 95.
I always used to think it was such a boring game, and whilst over my years within the hobby I've realised that it isn't a boring game at all, there is still something about it that makes me not want to play it, and I have to admit, I don't quite know what it is yet.
I'm hoping this feeling will go away once I've played a few more games, and started to learn the rules a bit better, but I guess we'll just have to see, as I'm not too sure how much fantasy I will be able to get in within the next month or so due to the upcoming Gauntlet tourney I hope to enter in November.

I'm currently working on some Dwarf warriors at a slow pace, as Orks are about to take over once again, at least until A) I find out I can't go to the tourney, or B) After I come back from said tourney.

Anyway, until next time. :)

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

ORKS: Skabgutz' Lads

So, finally something new to show off!

Despite actually not really going into detail and adding highlights, I do think they have come out quite well. This only serves to reinforce my opinion that the current GW washes are amazing.

I am happy with the camo work on a couple of the helmets, though I'm most happy with the red beret.

Now, what comes next?
Well, thats the question.
I will be working a little on a unit of 25 Dwarf Warriors, but they won't be anything special either, again, another paint and wash job really.
I also have to start work on 20 Ork Shoota Boyz, but again, nothing special, as I hope to chern them out for a 1k tourney soon.

But all this paint and wash work is starting to leave me with a bit of a sour taste in my mouth, I have to admit.
While I think its a good way to hash out models, (And for me, as a slow painter anyway, anything helps) its not exactly helping me grow as a painter much, and I feel that I'm starting to grow rusty in some areas like high-lighting and what have you. Its not actually a way to learn new skills.
So, I'll be also picking out a sinlge model of mine that I've had for sometime, and I will work on that too, but this won't just be a simple paint 'n wash, I'll use highlights and such too, and well, we'll see what I can come up with. :D

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Blood Bowl

What an awesome game.

Alan and I played our first three games of it today, the first two without the advanced rules or the four minute timer. I took the human team, and he took control of the Orks.
I won the first 3-0, and won the 2nd 2-1.
The 2nd game had an amusing moment where one of Alans Linemen had a clear run to the End Zone, but instead, he opted to block all my team to try and 'do em in'.
This, of course, in all accordance to Sod's Law, meant that one of his blokes would knock himself out, thereby giving me chance to stop his Lineman.
Still, it was fun game.

The last game we continued to play with just the normal rules, but this time we played with the four minute turn limit, which, is not as hard as I thought it first would be.
That game was another belter too.
Alan's Orks pushed forward for an early point, but before the half was out, I managed to peg one back by stealing away with the ball, and lobbing it to a flanking Catcher.
I used the same tactic for my second goal, but I needed two sixes. One to throw, and the other to catch. And with no re-rolls left, I was surprised, but happy, when they both came up.

So a good solid game I thought, and tough fight back to win 2-1.

So, my impressions on the game of Blood Bowl?
Its awesome.
Alan and I have seemed to have picked up the basic rules well enough. I think a few more basic games will be needed though, but as long as we keep playing it, we should be able to start with the more advanced rules soon enough.
Its such a fun and enjoyable game, and I have to admit, sometimes nail biting too.

So I look forward to playing more Blood Bowl games. :D

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Cheap as chips.

I went to Gateshead Gaming today, the place where I got all my other 2nd Ed 40k codexes from.
Took in a load of stuff to trade, and got a £50 credit. So I got 12 Dwarf Hammerers, 6 Foundation paints, and a copy of Blood Bowl, the most recent edition I believe.

But get this... the game has NEVER been used. Opened, aye, but never used. The models are all on the sprues still, and book is in mint condition, and the card counters aren't only still on the card sprue, but also still in the plastic covering!

Well worth the £25 it was priced at if you ask me.

Actually, thinking back over the year so far, I've picked up some damn good bargins.
  • ALL of the 40k 2nd Ed rules, and a 3k Chaos BFG Fleet - £10
  • 5 2nd Ed Codexes - £17
  • Liber Chaotica - £20
  • 2 Dwarf Bolt Throwers (Full crew) 16 Dwarf warriors unmade, 12 Dwarf Hammerers unpainted - £46
  • Great condition, never used Blood Bowl - £25

So, some damn good finds if I do say so myself. :D

Plus, I've gotten rid of a lot of stuff that I was never going to use again. I had thought about using eBay, but it is a lot of hassle. At least now, I have stuff I want, and plenty of space to store it.

Another good outcome of this, is that I haven't used any of my new model fund, which still sits at a humble £17.

Friday, 14 August 2009

ORKS: Warboss' Boyz WiP

So far I have most of the base colours down. I just need to finish off the silvers and bone work, before then moving on to the tidy up stage.

Since they are just going to be standard troops, I doubt I'll add much highlighting after the wash stage, but we'll see. At this point, I just want to get them completed to a acceptable table top standard, and extensive highlighting and layer work would only take more time. Time that could be better spent on getting the rest of the force up to 1000 points.

This way of painting though has reminded me that I do need to keep my skill levels up, so I do need to train myself. I think I will combat this by maybe pulling out one of the hidden models that I bought years ago and said to myself, "I'll save this for a project for when I'm better at painting!"

Well, I'm probably not better at painting, but one thing is certain, and that is, that it's okay to do standard work... but you do have to push the boat out from time to time, whether its to learn new things, or to make sure you keep your skill level up.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

General: New blog = New motivation?

So, I've decided, after viewing a lot of the other wargaming type blogs out there, that I would follow suit and make one of my own in the hopes that, twinned with my Deviant Art account, this will give me a load of new motivation to finish models and armies that have been gathering dust over the many years that I've been in the hobby. (14 years and still no finished armies to my name.)

In fact, I feel I need to give credit to this guy: Lone Pilgrim
His page, as well as his model point system and new model fund ideas have given me new found inspiration.

I have also recently changed the way I view to tackle my model making workloads. As of the start of this month, I have given up gaming with unpainted models. From now on, I will only play with finish minis. This sadly brought my 2k Ork army down to 500 points, but, I think it will only be better in the long run.
Also, my new plan of attack, is to paint 500 points a go of Army A, before moving on to 500 points of Army B, before moving on to 500 points of Army C etc.
This, I hope, will allow me to focus on small, easy bite sized goals, as well as keeping my painting fresh and enjoyable.

So, a little about myself and what I currently collect.
I'm a 25 year old lad from the sunny north east of England. I currently collect Orks and Dwarfs, but have plans for two Space Marine forces and a Chaos one. I also have a Chaos and Imperial BFG fleet. I want to get into Blood Bowl and Mordhiem, as well as a number of different gaming systems.
I also have a handful of mini model projects and dioramas that I want to do.
So, aye, heres to hoping this new plan of attack will work out.